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The 2874 Trust has been formed to ensure the restoration and then operation of the ex Great Western Railway 2-8-0 heavy freight locomotive number 2874. We are a registered charity (Number 1166258) and as such can obtain Gift Aid on donations which helps swell the coffers and speed up the restoration work 

The loco was built in 1918 to a Churchward design and remained in service until 1963. It has not run since but we aim to give it a new life working on Heritage Railways and giving pleasure to the thousands of passengers who each year enjoy the sight, sounds and smell of steam power.

We aim to ensure that all who assist in the restoration either physically or with other support gain both satisfaction and enjoyment from the experience.


Why not support us by becoming a member of the 2874 Trust?  Membership Form below.

We have supporters who have signed up to the “Give as You Earn” scheme.  This scheme is supported by many employers – donations to registered charities are made through salary and the Trust can receive an uplift to the donation from the taxman!  This is a very cost effective way of giving for anyone in the higher tax bands.  Employers who support this means of giving will provide the necessary form – the details of the recipient charity just need to be added – our details are:

The 2874 Trust Ltd

Charity Number 1166258    


Or you can donate through the BT MyDonate website by following the link on our Sponsorship and Fundraising page



Another way to help The 2874 Trust Limited.  Just by shopping online. Shop with your favourite stores and a donation will be made to The 2874 Trust Limited without costing you a penny extra. Shop at thousands of leading stores like Amazon, Expedia and John Lewis. Get started raising money for The 2874 Trust Limited today. Full details on our Sponsorship and Fundraising page

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We now have an on-line clothing store – thanks to the supplier “Hot Off the Press” who have sponsored the site.

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All profits from the clothing will go towards the eventual restoration of the loco

A Milestone for the 2874 Trust

On 20th December 2016 a major milestone for The 2874 Trust passed when we became the owners of this historic loco.
Now all we have to do is restore her to her former glory – as in these photos – on the left from 1954 approaching Stratford-on-Avon (photo by Brian England) and on the right sitting at Carmarthen shed in 1961 (photo courtesy of the RTCS photo archive)



Preparation and Appraisal

Before we can even contemplate the restoration of the loco we must undertake a full appraisal of the condition of all components and identify the bits that are missing!  This work is ongoing and some of the progress is shown below.

As you may be aware,  G J Churchward had as a centrepiece of his designs the interchangeability of components across his range of loco designs – this resulted in parts being fitted to  many different locos of varying types.  Our own 2874 was no different – the the loco history section you can see that our boiler was carried by numerous other classes and locos.

The practice, when locos came into the Swindon works for overhaul, of fitting the next “off the shelf” item continued into BR (W) days.  As a result of this system, the wheel set that 2874 has is not original – it is, fact, a later design that was fitted to the 2884 class from the 1930s onwards.  We wish to restore 2874 in as near original form as we can and so we have arranged that the loco will come to us with a Churchward design wheel set.


On 28th October the wheels were removed from the loco  – to make this possible, all the brake and suspension gear had to be removed which benefits us in that we will be able to survey all these parts and identify the work needed for restoration – and the frames will be much easier to check.  The image above shows a collection of the removed parts – these will now go into secure storage for cataloguing and appraisal.


The image above shows the loco suspended in mid-air and without its wheels – the one below shows the replacement (Churchward design) wheels ready to go under the suspended frames


The old pony truck – again being exchanges for one of the original type


And here we are late on Saturday 29th October with the wheel set in place


The boiler sits on the ground – this will need to be fully surveyed to establish the work needed to bring it back into steam








Old News

The 2nd Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 15th October 2016 – see the Trustee Reports page of this web-site for the report and accounts presented.


The trust held its first Annual General Meeting on Saturday 26th September 2015 – as part of the event the Trustees presented their Report to the members along with the financial accounts for the year ended 31st March – these were not complex as we are still in the set-up phase of operation.  Our AGM preceded the one for Dinmore Manor Locomotive Ltd and we were delighted to welcome some of their members to our meeting as guests – we confirmed that we were now open for membership and we happy to say that we did receive some applications to join!  Here is a copy of the Trustees Report:

The 2874 Trust Ltd  (a company limited by guarantee)

Trustees Report for the period 28th August 2014 to 31st March 2015

The Trustees are pleased to present their report together with the financial statements of The 2874 Trust Limited (Trust) for the period 28th August 2014 to 31st March 2015.

Objectives overview

The Trust was formed on 28th August 2014 as a Private Company limited by Guarantee and commenced trading on 1st March 2015. It has been established to acquire, restore and ensure the operation of heritage railway locomotives and ancillary equipment – initially and specifically a 1918 built Great Western Heavy Freight locomotive Number 2874,currently owned by Dinmore Manor Locomotive Ltd (DML) which has a unique (for its class) system of delivering steam to the cylinders. This locomotive was scrapped BR in 1963, it has received minimal attention since that time having been stored in the open. It is now based on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway (GWSR) at their engineering base at Toddington.

The process of restoration will provide opportunities for training in traditional engineering, ensuring the skills of a generation involved with these heritage artefacts are passed on and not lost. During the restoration we will provide facilities for the young and not so young to experience practical examples of the engineering and design involved in the power of steam.

A top priority is education, working with DML, a volunteer based company that has practical experience of restoring and operating heritage locomotives, we intend to extend the volunteer base by:

  • producing an audio visual education package that can be presented to the many schools who visit the GWSR;
  • visiting schools who cannot come to the railway and making the presentation on both the engineering involved and the historical importance of steam power in Britain;
  • establishing a working relationship with engineering faculties of local universities;
  • making a video recording of the restoration process to be shown when the loco visits Heritage Railways

Once restoration is complete, the locomotive will be hired to Heritage Railway, which are themselves living museums, and thus promote public knowledge, appreciation and understanding of the historical, scientific and cultural aspects and the significance of the engineering and design of the locomotive.

The Heritage Railways themselves play a significant role in the local economy of the areas in which they operate both in terms of the revenue they generate and as attractions which combine enjoyment with the opportunity to learn about our history and the role that steam power played in the industrial revolution.                                                                                                                                                               

Working with DML that has fully restored two ex Great Western Railway (GWR) locomotives from scrap condition and successfully operated them (including carrying out a heavy overhaul) on a number of Heritage lines, we are confident we can achieve the same result with 2874 and ensure a viable future for the benefit of generations to come.

 2015 Achievements

  • Establishing a board of Trustees to implement the Trust’s objectives.
  • Acceptance by Sir William McAlpine as a Patron to the Trust.
  • Appointment of Lloyds Bank plc as the Trust’s bankers.
  • Purchase of 2874 original smokebox number plate.
  • Receipt of 2874 original cab-side number plate on permanent loan.
  • Submitted Charities application form to HM Revenue & Customs to register for Gift Aid claims.
  • Established a subcommittee to develop a fundraising strategy.
  • Initiated contact with Engineering faculty of local university to link with the Trust’s objectives.
  • Produced draft of 2874 Restoration and Operational Lease for discussion with DML.

Future Developments

  • Submission to Charities Commission to become a registered charity.
  • Implementation of the 2874 Restoration & Operational Lease.
  • Acquisition of the 2874 locomotive.
  • Commission an Engineering survey of locomotive 2874 to formulate a restoration strategy.
  • Work with DML to organise a pool of volunteers that will further the objectives of education and restoration of locomotive 2874
  • Application to Heritage Lottery Fund for a grant towards education and restoration objectives.
  • Development of information base to increase the membership base.
  • Implementation of a fundraising strategy for voluntary, trading and legacy income to support the Trust’s objectives.


Members of the Board

The Board members of the Trust are its Trustees and throughout this report are collectively referred to as the trustees. The Board can have up to 10 members.

The trustees and officers, all volunteers, during the period were as follows:

Malcolm Temple        Hon. Chairman            appointed 28th August 2014

David Foster                Hon. Secretary             appointed 28th August 2014

John Sampson             Hon. Treasurer            appointed 17th October 2014

Ian Shapter                  appointed 28th August 2014

Hein Burger                appointed 17th October 2014

Henry Howard             appointed 17th October 2014

David Holmes              appointed 17th October 2014

Tina Sutton                  appointed 6th December 2014

Neil Carr                     appointed 28th February 2015

 Financial Report

The results for the period were satisfactory given the short time that a bank account was available and reflected primarily donations from trustees offset by early expenses.

Trustee responsibilities.

The trustees (who are also directors of The 2874 Trust Limited for the purposes of company law) are responsible for preparing the Report of the Trustees and the financial statements in accordance with applicable law and United Kingdom Accounting Standards (United Kingdom Generally Accepted Accounting Practice).

Company law requires the trustees to prepare financial statements for each financial period which give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the Trust at the end of the financial period and of the surplus or deficit. In preparing the financial statements the trustees are required to:

  • select suitable accounting policies and apply the consistently;
  • observe the methods and principles in the Charity SORP;
  • make sound judgements and estimates that are reasonable and prudent;
  • prepare the financial statements on a going concern basis, unless it is inappropriate to presume that the Trust will continue in business.

The trustees are responsible for maintaining proper accounting records that comply with Sections 386 and 387 of the Companies Act 2006 which disclose with reasonable accuracy, at any time, the financial position of the Trust and enable them to ensure that the financial statements comply with Sections 394 and 395 of the UK Companies Act 2006. The Trustees have adopted the provisions of SORP 2005 (Statement of Recommended Practice) ‘Accounting and Reporting by Charities’ produced by the Charities Commission.

The trustees are also responsible for safeguarding the assets of the Trust and hence for taking reasonable steps for the prevention and detection of fraud and other irregularities.

Structure, governance and management

The 2874 Trust Ltd, formed on 28th August 2014, is a private company limited by guarantee, as defined by the Companies Act 2006 , and is controlled by its Articles of Association.

Under its Articles any person or corporation may become a member of the Trust and each person or corporation is entitled to a single vote on each matter at formal meetings. There are currently 6 voting members.

Trustee induction and training

All new trustees are required to study ‘The essential trustee: what you need to know’ as published by the Charity Commission and to sign a declaration of their willingness to act as a charity trustee, full awareness of the Trust’s purpose, eligibility to act and understanding the responsibilities of running a charity.


These persons are elected by the members and are not trustees, nor do they have any specific duties or responsibilities. They have a right to address the members at meetings and represent the Trust at external meetings.

The Hon. Sir William McAlpine BT

 Related Parties

The Trust will conclude a 2874 Restoration and Operational Lease with Dinmore Manor Locomotive Ltd (DML) where DML will renovate then display the locomotive 2874 using its pool of volunteers and external contractors so that 2874 will join the DML group of locomotives with cross support for future repair and renewal. Integral in the agreement are the education and training opportunities that will be offered during renovation and display.

The restoration will take place primarily at the Toddington facilities of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway plc (GWSR) and such an arrangement requires a Restoration agreement between DML and GWSR. The Trust has authorised DML to enter into that agreement.  

The Chairman of DML, currently Kenneth Sims, can attend Board meetings and contribute to all discussions but has no responsibility for the Trust, nor vote on any matter. Also the Trust chairman, Malcolm Temple, may attend DML Board meetings in a similar capacity.

 Risk Management

The trustees have a risk management strategy that comprises:

  • systems and procedures to mitigate any risks identified
  • procedures to minimise the impact should these risks materialise

and to put in place an annual review of the risks the Trust faces.

The following have been identified as areas of potential risk;

  • The Trust’s ability to restore the locomotive 2874 and achieve its educational objectives in a timely manner if it did not succeed in registering as a charity since access to funding would be limited.
  • Similarly, delays would occur if the DML volunteer pool was not of sufficient size to fulfil the Trust’s objectives.
  • Expansion of the membership base is needed to provide subscription and donation income as well development of fundraising opportunities.


Our vision is for locomotive 2874 to be restored and operating on Heritage Railway lines as soon as possible.

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